Beyond Boundaries

6-month Team Development Program

Experiencing, not teaching. Relevancy. Great impact.

No more money wasted on trainings that your employees attend and then forget.

Not another workshop with information so complex that  people don`t know how to implement it.

Nothing like uniform, one-fits-all approach. 

This program is different.

Combination of tailor-made training, shadowing and coaching.

Your team will 

Learn competencies and gain mindset of agile, self-managing teams. They will get actionable tools that they can easily put into practice. Short, tailor-made workshops will focus on the topics most urgent and relevant in your current situation.

Implement and test out the learnings in the workplace. They will see immediate impact of their actions. Feedback from shadowing sessions will help them understand what to improve and how.

Get support in the form of group or individual coaching to speed up the desired change and to overcome  obstacles that may arise.



“Alexandra challenges our corporate conventions of management and thinking.  Her compelling ideas ring true and show us a blueprint to follow towards creating a culture of innovation and creativity.”

Linda Ugelow

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