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6-month Individual Leadership Program

It starts with you

The change of the mindset you want to see in your colleagues. The transformation of the way your team operates. The evolution of your company. Because as a leader you have an enormous impact.

You`re ready to explore new possibilities, inspire your team to get on board and lead your company to the future.

In this program you will

Cultivate new leadership mindset – how to be a leader who creates the environment of trust, transparency and open communication, how to let go of control and support accountability of the team, how to bring more clarity, simplicity and joy into everything you do.

Enhance your executive presence – how to radiate that silent, undeniable, positive power  that  makes people feel good, appreciated and wanting to follow you.

Learn advanced competencies and tools – how to become an excellent listener, art of asking powerful questions, how to stay calm and focused in the midst of chaos, how to use storytelling principles when you present your ideas, coaching skills to help you align and inspire your team.

Explore real-life examples of the companies who are shaping the future – who have built the culture based on values, are actually living it and practice self-management at all levels.

Alexandra opens your eyes to magnificent new possibilities for successful management and effective leadership. A much needed and fresh approach in today`s increasing global competition. 

Susan Burns

Business Strategist, Legal Advisor

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