To you, to your team, to the world

Hi, I am Alexandra, leadership coach and executive advisor. I help leaders to expand their mindset, align their team and build the company of the future – fast, adaptable, thriving.

The world has changed.

Most companies and corporations haven`t.

They`re still holding on what used to work in the past – hierarchy, power, control. It is slowing them down.

But you believe that there is a a better way of running business, that companies and people prosper most in the environment of trust, transparency and open communication at all levels.

You are ready for real transformation.

I will help your company evolve.

View from the Top

Individual Leadership Program

It starts with you as a leader

Because real change comes from the top.

Setting up inspiring  company culture was just a beginning. You understand that you need to lead by example, to cultivate the space where people trust each other, communicate openly and take responsibility for desired outcomes.

You feel that the evolution of your organization requires new leadership mindset, different set of competencies, innovative approach.

There is also your team

Who need to transform the way they operate.

But they won`t become accountable, agile and self-organized just because you tell them so.

To overcome boundaries of a siloed mindset  they  need to understand where the company is heading and feel connected with the vision.

They need to change the way of thinking and learn competencies of self-managing teams.

Beyond Boundaries

Team Development Program

Lead Simply

Corporate Mastermind Retreat

And sometimes you need to go off-site

So you can get some deep work done.

You and your core team need to make sure that you all have the same priorities, and know how to communicate them. 

You want to reflect on your vision and the journey, to evaluate the steps you took and plan what comes next.

During the program with Alexandra we inspired many of our colleagues, we managed to ignite a change in their mindset and in the way they look at everyday issues as well as the future of the company. Everything we did made sense, was effective and brought results. 

Ing. Libor Zemanek, Managing Director, MOULD & MATIC Solutions, s.r.o.

Are you ready to lead your company to the future?